Get Hooked on Crochet

It is with regret that Get Hooked on Crochet will be hanging up hooks and putting away yarns for the foreseeable future.  Its been nearly a year since my major op and 8 months since my radical radiotherapy ended. 

It’s all taken its toll. 

I have 3 more operations to come over the next 2 years. 

The fatigue is still very prominent and the movement in my left shoulder is not great.

I will keep the online crochet courses going for those who need them, but teaching from my lovely classroom in beautiful Dorset will sadly no longer happen. 

One last thing….  Please remember that there are little non profit charities out there like the Dorset Cancer Care Foundation, all run by volunteers, that need your help more than the “big boys” who pay their CEO’s £240k per year!!  Where does that come from?  Your donations! 

Finally, Head and Neck Cancer is great underfunded but is also a rapidly growing cancer in the UK.  H&N Cancer is 6th on the list for cancers affecting people in the UK & is also the hardest cancer to recover from!

So if you are thinking of holding an event e.g. a cake bake or marathon running etc. please think about choosing a Head and Neck Cancer Charity to support.   

Thank you.