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crochet a heart for the Dorset Cancer Care Foundation?


As you can see, I have designed a HEART for the DCCF so that they can sell them to raise money for the fantastic charity that they run for people and their families who have cancer in Dorset. These hearts are really easy to make and you’ll see that I have not only provided the written pattern but a photo help too, so this is great for beginners and improvers alike!


You will need…….

Some Blue & Red DK yarn (you can use any blue and red that you have in your yarn stash)

  • I have used King Cole Bamboo in shades 525 Cobalt Blue & 544 Red
  • 3.5mm Hook
  • Wool Needle

Abbreviations:  dtr (double treble), tr (treble), dc (double), slst (slip stitch) ch (chain) MR (magic ring)

Start:  Using Blue make a MR or ch4 & join to make a ring.  3ch, 3dtr, 3tr, 1dtr, 3tr, 3dtr all into ring.  3ch, sl st into ring, fasten off & sew in ends.

To Edge:  

Using Red, join to 1st dtr made.  1ch (counts as a st) 1dc in same place. 1dc in each st around, 2dc in last dtr, 1dc in 1 “strand” of the 3ch, 1 spiked dc in ring (just make a normal dc, but let the yarn flow more to make the stem of the st longer or “spiked”) 1dc in outer “strand” of the beginning 3ch.  Join to 1st 1ch made, fasten off & sew in ends.


I will supply the tac pins and the brooch pins, so please let me know how many of each you will need.  I can either post these out to you or you can come an collect them from me.

You can also just send me your completed hearts and I will add the tac pin. I will not sew on the brooch backs so please let me know how may you would like.

Please send all completed hearts to me here at Get Hooked on Crochet, The Old School House, Church Road, Shillingstone, Dorset, DT11 0SL UK  & I will send them on to DCCF for sale at their next fundraiser OR you can do your own fundraiser and sell them for £1 each or even £2 – it all helps.

They only take a few minutes to make so please make as many as you can! Please feel free to send the pattern / share the pattern as long as it raises funds for the DCCF.  You can  send me any money received/raised by PayPal & I can in turn donate this through my Just Giving Page.

Thank you .

Ali x


If you have any problems at all with the pattern please email me.




Pet Bandana – 3 ways!


Baby Hexagons One a Day

2015 is baby hexagons! It’s a great way to use up your wool / yarn stash and they take minutes to make!! Perfect for beginners. Just one a day fir this lovely year of crochet.

Here’s the pattern.

You can use any weight wool / yarn with the right sized hook.

Ch4 and join with a sl St to make a ring.

Rnd 1. Ch3 (counts as a tr) 17tr into ring. Join with a sl St to 3rd ch of 3ch. (18tr)

Rnd 2. Sl St between the posts of the tr directly next to the sl St you’ve just made and the next tr in rnd 1. 2ch (counts as a htr). 1tr,1ch, 1tr, 1htr all into same place.
* miss 3 tr from rnd 1. 1ch, 1htr,1tr,1ch,1tr, 1htr in same place. Rep from * around. Join with sl St to 2nd ch of 2 ch. (6clusters)
Fasten off. Sew in ends.

For the rest of the baby hexagons make rnd 1. In rnd 2 use the 1ch between the 2 tr as a 1ch join to jaygo or join as you go!! ALSO you can use the 1ch between the htr’s as a ch join – so you are making an extra join along that edge – it’s up to you!!
Alternatively join together this time next year!! (Not the method I’m going to use!!!).

I apologise if there are any errors. Please feel free to let me know and errata will be added or if you have any questions please ask away.

Please note that although the idea is to make one baby hexagon a day, they are terribly addictive so you may find yourself making more than one!!



Easy Crochet Cable Headbands

You can use Chunky & a 6 or 6.5mm hook or Aran and a 5 or 5.5mm hook.  As you are working across the width, tension is not important as you will stop working once the band is long enough to go around your head.


Pattern notes:  2ch at the beginning of every row counts as a treble.

START:  14ch, 1tr in 4th ch  from hook.  1tr in each ch to end.  (12st)

Row 1.  2ch, 1tr in next 2st.  fptr in next 6st. 1tr in last 3 st. Turn

Row 2.  2ch, 1tr in  next 2st. bptr in next 6st.  1tr in last 3 st.  Turn

Row 3.  2ch, 1tr in next 2st.  skip the next 3st.  fptr in the next 3 st, fptr in the skipped 3st. 1tr in last 3 st.  Turn

So in Row 3 you have 12 st all together.  St 1 has the turning chain in it.  Stitches 2 and 3 have trebles.  Then you skip 4,5 & 6 and work fptr into 7, 8 & 9.  You then go back to the skipped stitches & starting with 4, then 5 & 6, put a fptr into these stitches to the “cross over” of the cabling.  Finally, 1 tr in the last 3 st.  Turn

Row 4.  2ch, 1tr in next 2 st.  bptr in next 6 st, 1tr in last 3 st.  Turn.

This could confuse you if you haven’t cable crocheted before.  When you start the bptr you work into the last 3 fptr that you made, in this case (and sticking with the system in the last green paragraph) stitches 3, 2 & 1 You then have to hunt underneath these stitches for 6, 5 & 4 in that sequence.  Finally, 1tr in last 3 st & turn.

Now you repeat as follows:

Rows:  1, 2, 3 & 4 until the  band is long enough to go around your head or the head of the person you are making it for.


Join by sl st across the width of the band but do not fasten off.


1ch, rdc (reverse double crochet) around the edge of that side, then fasten off & rdc around the edge of the other side!


Hey Presto – a lovely cable crochet headband!



Triangle A Day Blanket

This is the 2014 “Triangle” a Day blanket & it’s great that you want to join in!

This is the ideal way to use up your wool / yarn stash OR give yourself an excuse to buy more!

Don’t worry, if you can’t make one a day, make one when you can, make one every other day or make one a week!  You can always catch up if you miss a day or make extra before you go away etc.  It’s up to you – do it your way!

You can choose to make a stack of triangles and join them as you like, with your preferred joining method


you can join as you go as I will be doing.

The patterns for the triangle & the join as you go method are below.

You can make these triangles with any wool / yarn that you have e.g. double knit or chunky and the corresponding hook to that wool weight.

photo 8

This is a small sketch of how my blanket will look – with triangular edges, however I haven’t worked out the amount of triangle that will be needed, although I know that my Square a Day Blanket 2013 was 19 x 19 so I will work “square” for a while & keep you posted!

(If there are any mathematicians out there then please feel free to work it all out & let us all know!)

Here we go….

Granny Triangle


To start         Ch4, join with a slip stitch to the 1st chain to make a ring

Row 1            Ch4, 3tr, 3ch, 3tr, 1ch, 1tr, into the ring.(keep the tail end to left if you are right handed & to the right if you are left handed , so that you work over the top of it to “darn” it in as you go. Turn

Row 2            Ch4(counts as 1tr 1ch), 3tr into 1ch space, 1ch, [3tr, 3ch, 3tr] into 3 ch space (the “peak” of the triangle), 1ch, 3tr into next 1 ch space, 1ch, 1 tr into the same space. Turn

Row 3            Repeat Row 3, adding  1ch 3tr 1ch along each edge (as you would with a granny square)

Row 4            Repeat Row 3

 Joining as you go

If you decide to Join as you Go, then you simply need to replace the 1ch with a 1ch join to the 1ch space of the triangle that you want to join it too!

Make a triangle – the 1st one as per the pattern above.  When you start the 2nd one,  make your triangle as “normal” however when you get to the 4th row, join with a 1ch join instead of making a 1 chain space.  To make a 1ch join, insert your hook into the 1ch space of the opposite triangle, WOH, pull through to front of the piece & complete the 1ch by taking the wool through the loop on the hook.

If you need more information on the Join As you Go or JAYgo method, there is a great chapter in my book or a video tutorial is available on my Online Crochet Course 3

photo 7

Joining back to back –  From the start:


 4ch, join with a slip st to form a ring .   1ch join to the centre ring of the triangle opposite. 3ch, 1ch join to triangle opposite.

 photo 1

3tr into ring, 3ch, 3tr into ring, 1ch, 1ch join to triangle opposite. TURN.

 photo 2

3ch, 1ch join, 1ch,

 photo 3

 3tr into 1ch space

 photo 4

1ch, [3tr, 3ch,3tr]into 3ch space, 1ch.

3tr in 1ch space, 1ch, 1ch join to opposite triangle, TURN.

3ch, 1ch join……

Do you get the idea?

When you get to the very end of the 4th row, instead of 3tr, 1ch, 1tr, simply make the 1ch & join with a sl st to the opposite triangle to finish.  Fasten off & sew in ends.

 photo 6


This Crochet Mandala is written, in the main, by one of my Students Kelly Pitt-Kirby with a little help from me!

Rnd 1:  Magic Loop OR Sloppy Knot, 3ch, 11tr into 3rd ch from hook (sloppy) or into Magic Loop. OR 4ch, join to form a ring, 3ch, 11tr into ring.
Rnd 2:  4ch (counts as 1tr, 1ch) 1tr & 1ch into each st to end. Join with a sl st into 3rd ch of 4ch. Fasten Off.
Rnd 3:  Join a new colour.  1ch, 2dc in each ch-sp, 1dc into each tr to end. Join with a sl st to 1ch.  Fasten Off.
Rnd 4:  Join a new colour directly above a tr from Rnd 2.   3ch(counts as a tr)  5tr bobble (5 treble bobble = *WOH, insert hk in next st, WOH, bring through to front, WOH, through 2 loops on hook; rep from * until you have 6 loops on hook, WOH, bring through all loops on hook ) miss 2 st  *3ch, MB (MB = Make 5tr  Bobble,  but make 1 extra treble  to replace the 3 ch at the beginning so you have 6 loops at the end) ; rep from * to end. Join with a sl st to 3rd ch of 3ch.
Rnd 5:  1dc in each of the st on top of cl, 3dc in ch-sp. Fasten Off.
Rnd 6:  Join a new colour directly above a cl from rnd 4.  3ch, 1tr in same sp.  Miss 4 st. *2tr, 4ch, miss 4 st; rep from * to end.
Rnd 7:  Using the same colour sl st across to the next ch-sp, *1htr, 2tr, 1dtr, 2tr, 1htr in each ch-sp, dc into 2nd tr of Rnd 6; rep from * to end, join with a sl st in top of 1st htr made. Fasten off.
Rnd 8:  Join a new colour in top of any dtr, 6ch, sl st in next dtr, rep to end. Join with a sl st
Rnd 9:  1ch, *9exdc (extended double crochet = put hook into ch-sp, pull yarn to front, yoh, pull through 1 loop on hook, yoh, pull through both loops on hook)  1htr in top of dtr from round 7; rep from * to end finishing with a htr in top of last dtr from rnd 7, sl st to 1st exdc made.
Rnd 10:  4ch (counts as 1tr, 1ch) miss 1 st.  *1tr, 1ch, miss 1 st ; rep to end.  Join with a sl st to 3rd ch of 4ch. Fasten off.
Rnd 11:  Join a new colour.  1dc in same place, *1bead st in 1ch sp, 1dc in next tr; rep from * to end
Bead Stitch = insert hook in st or ch-sp, pull up a loop (yoh,  pull through 1 loop) 3 times, yoh, pull through 2 loops on hook.
Rnd 12:  1ch, 1dc into each stitch to end.  Fasten off.
Top Tip:  Tease the 3ch to the front of your Mandala so that it forms a “bead”
Rnd 13:  Join a new colour.  2ch, miss 2st, 1htr in next st, 6ch, sl st into 4th ch from hk (this makes a picot).  3tr in sp created by beginning 2ch & htr.  *Miss 2st, 1htr in next st, 6ch, sl st in 4th ch from hk, 3tr in sp created to the right of the last htr; rep from * to end putting final htr in joining ch (not the st from Rnd 12) 6ch, sl st in 4th ch from hk, 2tr & join with a sl st into 2nd ch of beginning 2ch. Fasten off & sew in ends.

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