Online Crochet Courses

 Online Crochet Courses

If you can’t get to me, here in North Dorset, then I can come to you – VIRTUALLY!!

I know that some people can learn from a book – there are lots of them out there, but sometimes that’s not enough, so I have created an online crochet course to get you on your way….

Here’s a taster!

This video shows you how to hold your wool correctly & crochet a foundation chain – All in UK Crochet terminology

Click HERE

 If you have been tempted by this video then….

I have  created  3 Online Courses where you get both the video, detailed step by step photographs & clear, written instructions with lots of tips, tricks & cheats!

There are 3 lessons in the beginners course 1, 5 Lessons in course 2 & 7 in Course 3  – PLUS there is no time limit on using the lessons once you have enrolled.

So you can take the course at YOUR pace and you can even upload pictures & send comments to me, so you are getting a “virtual teacher” as well!  I will get an email when you post & contact you back.

Here are the links to follow:

Course 1 – The Basics UK Crochet

Course 1 The Basics US Crochet

Course 2 The Next Step UK 

Course 1 The Basics for Left Hander’s  UK

Course 2 for left hander’s coming soon!

Course 3 – The Finishing Touches – NOW AVAILABLE in UK


And here’s what some of my pupils say:

 As somebody in full time employment and mother to a 2 year old, I don’t have the time or opportunity to attend crochet groups or classes. At the start I tried to teach myself from YouTube videos but didn’t have anyone that I could ask questions or show my work to. So when I saw Ali advertising her e-course I signed up straight away and have enjoyed it so much that I have already enrolled on Course 2!

The information is clear and easy to follow and the videos are an added bonus, add this to the fact that Ali is always prompt in replying to questions or posts, and you have an amazing course. I would definitely recommend it to others!

From RH

After a few failed attempts to teach myself how to crochet from a book I saw a retweet on Twitter from someone offering a course where you could learn from the comfort of your own home.
I was getting quite frustrated because it was something I really wanted to learn but just couldn’t get the hang of on my own. I signed up and let it sit on my computer for a couple of weeks through fear of yet another failed attempt. Then I treated myself to a decent crochet hook, picked up some yarn from my knitting stash, locked the husband out of the room and settled down in front of my laptop with my determined head on.

After only a short while I was crocheting! I could make a foundation chain and I could do a line of double crochet! Ali Campbell is amazing in my eyes. Her videos are clear, her instructions are concise and you can pick it up and put it down when ever you want to.

There is no time limit to this course. By that evening I had managed to do something that I had wanted to do for such a long time, I had made a granny square! It was all down to Ali and her course giving me the start I really needed. When I found myself doing a treble crochet I almost had tears in my eyes. The relief that I could do it after all the frustration before was amazing.

Ali taught me how to crochet and now there’s no stopping me, my first granny blanket is taking shape and it looks fantastic. Each time I pick it up and start to crochet, I think of when I signed up to Ali’s course and how it was a good decision to do so.

From LB

Well done Ali. This is certainly going to work well for me. Must tell my friends because I know they will love it too. So easy to follow and no rush…. perfect!

From JC

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